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Willow Glen Apartments Residents Receive Essential Food Supplies Throughout 2022

SACRAMENTO, CA - With Thanksgiving finishing just last week and Christmas already fast approaching, residents at Willow Glen Apartments have been extremely thankful for the extra food security they have been receiving throughout the year from an extensive community network. Lupe Perez-Samaniego, Willow Glen Apartments' newest PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, has stepped in right as the holiday season started to keep the weekly food distributions at Willow Glen running smoothly and helping residents get the groceries needed to prepare their holiday tables.

Food distributions are held weekly on Thursdays between 11:00 am to 4:00 PM in the Willow Glen community room. Food supplies distributed to residents have come from local markets, restaurants, and organizations, with many of our partners providing their surplus food to the community for many years. Interwoven Christian Ministries, a church organization, has been our primary partner during distributions and are responsible for collecting and bringing the food commodities to the community every week to the residents for the past four years. Without their assistance year-round, our effort to address the community's food security issues would not be as successful as it is now. The local Natomas Sprouts Market, Raley's Bel Air, Panera Bread, and Safeway are additional food donators and provided their excess bakery items, soups, milk, eggs, and canned or other pre-packaged non-perishable foods for our residents.

"Willow Glen residents have personally thanked me each week, specifically stating they sincerely appreciate the weekly food donations," admits Lupe. "Especially during these difficult times where the cost of gas and even basic food staples like milk, bread, and eggs, have gone up so much."

"I believe strongly that the food distributions are vital, not only to the Willow Glen residents, but to the community in general, given the cost of living currently and its continuous rise. As a Resident Services Coordinator for Willow Glen, I am proud to be even a small part of the food distribution program. It makes me feel that I am an important piece of a very important social services puzzle."

The weekly food distributions will continue to be hosted by Lupe for the rest of 2022 and into 2023. These food distributions, especially during the holiday season at the end of the year, plays a big role along with other PSCDC hosted services such as the after-school program, arts and crafts recreation, financial application and education services, and many more in building a resilient and caring Willow Glen community.


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