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October Food Distribution in PSCDC Imperial Valley Communities

Coming into the holiday season and the end of 2021, Imperial Valley PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators continue to keep the pantries of our residents stocked with extra food supplies. With the enormous upswing of financial assistance due to COVID calming down as the year progresses, we have seen a drop in attendance and residents needing extra food assistance, a good indicator that things are returning to normalcy. Regardless, our incredible food providers and distributors in Imperial Valey including, the Imperial Valley Food Bank, the FIND Food Bank in Coachella, and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), have always supplied our residents with enough fresh produce, snacks, and food supplies month to month.

In October, Imperial Valley PSCDC Resident Coordinators recorded a total of 902 households and 2,809 individual residents attending our ten food distributions and receiving extra food assistance across our Imperial Valley properties. The breakdown of October's distributions are as follows:

De Anza/El Quintero - 94 households, 155 residents

Villa de las Flores - 72 households, 132 residents

Villa Dorada - 168 households, 614 residents

Countryside Family - 97 households, 346 residents

Holtville Gardens - 72 households, 133 residents

Brawley Senior - 73 households, 115 residents

Brawley Family - 96 households, 368 residents

Imperial Gardens - 116 households, 336 residents

Westmorland Family - 74 households, 283 residents

Cesar Chavez Villas/TEFAP - 134 households, 482 residents


During distributions and other on-site PSCDC services, Coordinators continue to prioritize and uphold necessary safety precautions and guidelines to protect themselves and their residents, including social distancing and mask use.

A big thank you goes to our food bank partners Imperial Valley Food Bank, the FIND Food Bank in Coachella, and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) for helping alleviate hunger within our Imperial Valley communities. Please consider donating to their cause during this holiday season!


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