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November Activities at Chatham Village Apartments in Orange County

Chatham Village Apartments in Tustin, California, had a food distribution-filled November. Martha Venegas, our Director of Services for Orange County, hosted three Park-in Market distributions, along with the property's monthly food distribution. Martha also partnered with ___ to ensure that Chatham Village residents had a proper Thanksgiving celebration by hosting Thanksgiving meal distribution! Besides food distributions, Chatham Village residents also took advantage of computer lab hours for tutoring and resource-gathering needs.

The Park-in Market Food Program in Chatham Village Apartments continues to be a safe alternative for residents to receive extra food supplies on Fridays, with seniors and disabled residents being the top priority. The monthly food distribution provides other residents who need less food assistance an opportunity to fill their pantries with canned foods and fresh produce. This month, an additional Thanksgiving meal distribution, planned on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, helped 200 residents have enough food for a proper Thanksgiving meal. In total, our hosted food distribution programs benefited 425 Chatham Village residents.

Besides food distributions, Martha has also opened up the community's computer lab for residents to use for educational and resource-gathering opportunities. The computer lab provides residents with free internet services, and keeping it sanitized and clean remains a necessity. A total of 78 residents took advantage of the computer lab hours during November.

The breakdown of Chatham Village Apartments' services throughout November:

November 1 - 5:

Park-in Market Food Program: 55 Participants

Computer Lab: 18 Participants

November 8 - 12:

Park-in Market Food Program: 55 Participants

Computer Lab: 17 Participants

November 15 - 19:

Food Distribution: 60 Participants

Park-in Market Food Program: 55 Participants

Computer Lab: 18 Participants

November 22 - 24:

Thanksgiving Meals Distribution: 200 Participants

Computer Lab: 19 Participants

November 29 - 30:

Computer Lab: 6 Participants

A big thank you goes towards the volunteers that have lent Martha their time and energy to provide services to their neighbors. Thank you to Lorena and Rogelio Suarez, Ana Ramirez, and Julie Collings!

In December, Martha is planning a Santa Sled event, a distribution of toys donated by the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Program, and a holiday celebration to celebrate the end of the holiday season.


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