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Football Season Ends for Westminster Manor Sports Club in San Diego

Sports fans at Westminster Manor in San Diego gathered together every week throughout the NFL football season to discuss sports and have some friendly competition with one another. The recently formed club, held by Case Manager Alexis Jaimes and Assistant Case Manager Paul Gonzales, is the latest program added to the senior community.

On Tuesday mornings from September 2021 through February 2022, the club met on the 16th-floor community room for their weekly Pick'em challenge, where residents pick the winning football teams before the games on Sundays. The member with the most accurate winning team predictions won a $5.00 CVS gift card provided by the PSCDC staff.

Every week, club members looked forward to the challenge and some bragging rights amongst the club members. If a member could not make a meeting, Assistant Case Manager Paul would drop off a Pick'em form at their doors to be returned to the office the following day. Although the club was small, Alexis and Paul felt the excitement from club members to have something to look forward to on Tuesdays and Sundays.

At the end of the season, resident Gwendolyn Joseph won the most weeks with a record of 7 wins! She would often stop Paul in the halls to let him know she was confident of her picks for the week. Gwendolyn claims that the club brought excitement and joy to her day, but most importantly, it allowed her to have a space to come and chat about sports.

Gwendolyn Joseph with her winning Pick'em sheet

Alexis and Paul will gauge interest in more sports clubs in the coming months. They believe that a monthly baseball club may be next with many San Diego Padres fans in the building!


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