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Easter Event Helps Spring Bloom in San Leandro's Lakeside Apartments

Early in April, our Resident Services Coordinator Haydee Pelayo Nuño from Lakeside Apartments in San Leandro, held a highly-anticipated event within the Lakeside community to help welcome spring. With social distancing measures still in effect to protect the community's wellbeing, Haydee organized a safer alternative to the community's annual Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Potluck. This month's themed distribution was with Easter baskets for families to enjoy! After another successful event, we were able to sit down with Haydee to learn more about the distribution and the meaning of community at Lakeside Apartments.

Having an Eggs-cellent Time!

--- Every month there seems to be a themed distribution happening in Lakeside Apartments! What were the goodies during this month's event?

Haydee: We distributed Easter baskets with candy, plastic eggs, and egg-dye kits.

--- The baskets must have been stuffed! Did you receive any help in putting the basket together?

Haydee: Our partners for the event were Xfinity Community and Costco. Jenny Quintero from Xfinity Community helped put the basket together and also distributed them.

--- The Lakeside community always looks forward to your planned events. How many residents came by to receive an Easter basket?

Haydee: We made 30 baskets, and we had 25 families participate.

--- The reason why distributions have been able to continue monthly is because of the safety measures enforced. How do you ensure the distributions stay safe?

Haydee: We continue to practice safety by wearing our face masks and keeping 6 feet apart.

A Community Blossoms Together

--- Lakeside Apartments has always been a community attached to its tradition. How did the community celebrate the start of spring before COVID?

Haydee: Before COVID, our annual spring celebration was an Easter Egg Hunt. Children were divided into groups by age and hunted for eggs laid on the grass area/park by volunteers. The event ended with a potluck prepared by the parents, local businesses, and PSCDC's support.

--- During such a challenging year, you made it your mission to uphold the community's traditions as best as you can. Why is that?

Haydee: Hosting community events during COVID shows that we continue to be a team and care for our community. We value our residents and show that we are there for them by providing services, helping, and listening to any concerns or questions they have.

--- With how active you have been with services, how have the residents responded to these additional events?

Haydee: They are always grateful for making the events special; you can see it through their smiles!

--- Finally, after the success of April's Easter Basket distribution, will you be following it up with a May-themed distribution?

Haydee: We are planning a Mother's Day event! The goal is to have the young residents pick up a rose and some chocolate to take home for their mothers and grandmothers to make them feel special and appreciated.

PSCDC and Lakeside Apartment's residents are grateful for Haydee's commitment to her community. With vaccinations beginning to be available to more and more Californians, we hope to offer more services and community events to all of our PSCDC properties soon!


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