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Chatham Village Residents Receive Tickets to Angels Game

Chatham Village residents in Orange County were able to root for their local baseball team, the Los Angeles Angels, at Angel Stadium in Anaheim last month thanks to a donation of two hundred tickets from Families Together of Orange County and Abound Food Care. For many residents, attending the baseball game held a deeper meaning than just entertainment; it allowed families to enjoy an event that they couldn't before, perhaps for economic reasons.

Residents that attended expressed their gratitude and revealed how impactful the ticket donations were to Martha Venegas, our PSCDC Director of Services for Orange County.

A family of six was able to attend their first baseball game together because of the donations. "We never attended a game before because we could not afford to pay for the whole family," a resident admitted. Many other Chatham Village families shared a similar position and experienced their first family outing to a baseball game.

"My son was very happy," another resident told Martha, "[his] school took him to see a game [before], but his father had never attended a game, and finally, they enjoyed it together."

Soledad Rivera, the Director of Business Development for Families Together of Orange County, and Brian Penny, the Senior Outreach Associate for Abound Food Care, provided the donated tickets. Families Together of Orange County have been working with Martha and PSCDC for ten years providing health care services like flu shots and COVID-19 tests and information and resources about health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Abound Food Care has been a more recent partner, with a partnership of one year, and they provided the community with food boxes during the pandemic. A heartfelt thank you goes to them for providing their services and caring so deeply about our residents and the Orange County community.

In October, Martha is looking to celebrate the start of the holiday season with the community's 15th Annual Pumpkin & Costume contest! For the remainder of the year, she has highly anticipated monthly community events planned for her residents, and the Chatham Village community is excited!


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