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Alexis Jaimes: If There's a Will, There's a Way

A large part of the success of our resident services comes from the dedication of our Resident Services Coordinators and their desire to assist others and change lives.

Alexis Jaimes, our Case Manager of Westminster Manor, who joined the team last year, is an outstanding representation of dedication to service. Westminster Manor, a renovated 16-story building in downtown San Diego, is one of our most substantial properties that offers affordable housing to over 170 senior residents. Managing a property at this magnitude is no easy task, yet Alexis tackled diversity and a pandemic alongside her Assistant Case Manager, Paul Gonzales.

"I've always loved helping seniors," admits Alexis. "Having been the eldest grandchild of my family, I grew up helping my grandmother to navigate the quickly changing world of technology. I know how frustrating it can be for seniors, and I have a passion for utilizing my skills to help them."

Beyond seniors, she has also taught homeless individuals necessary computer, interviewing, and jobs skills while providing resources needed to help them attain employment as a Case Manager at Father Joe's Village prior to joining the PSCDC team.

Alexis joined the San Diego team one day before the stay-at-home order issued last year in San Diego. Not only was she unable to get settled into her new position, but she also faced another obstacle. As the world turned towards online services, there was no way for Westminster Manor residents to learn how to video call, email, or text.

"Working from home for over a year was very difficult. Due to the lack of technology literacy amongst the senior population, I was restricted to phone calls without the 'luxury' of helping via Zoom, text, or email. Many residents became frustrated that we were not on-site during this crucial time," recounted Alexis. "Despite those initial difficulties, we were still able to be here for them remotely and get essential supplies to them."

Asides from the weekly mental health check-ins on residents and food boxes she would provide, her most impactful contribution, she believes, has been scheduling her residents' vaccination appointments. She arranged free round-trip transportation for 93 residents to receive both doses of their COVID-19 vaccine. Made possible through a partnership with San Diego's Community Information Exchange (CIE) Network and Lyft, all residents had personal rides to and from the vaccine superstation in Chula Vista. Providing our most at-risk residents with vaccination has allowed them to feel more at ease and protected.

"The most fulfilling part of my job is seeing the relief on the faces of my residents after I've helped them," admits Alexis when asked about what she finds fulfilling about working with her residents. "A letter from Medi-Cal or a security alert on their emails can cause stress and anxiety, but after I've explained things or fixed a setting on their phones, I can see and feel a sense of relief from them. The smiles and the gratitude make the job extremely rewarding."

Westminster Manor residents also often share their own stories about their lives before the Manor to Alexis, who loves hearing them. From recounting heroic tales from the Vietnam war to iconic memories of watching Marilyn Monroe perform in New York City, the senior residents appreciate having someone to talk to and check in with them weekly.

"There is a look residents get when they talk about their pasts, and I enjoy seeing that in them. They have also taught me a lot about American history that is not in textbooks," said Alexis.

In the future, she's set her eyes on being a Director of Services within PSCDC to take advantage of her leadership skills to help even more people.

"I aspire to become a Director (of Services) in the future. I enjoy working with the residents, but I also enjoy utilizing my coordinating and leading skills."

Success within our communities starts with our coordinators, who are the solid foundation for our residents. If you or someone you know would like to join our PSCDC family and make a meaningful and lasting impact on local communities that need help, we have Coordinator positions available in San Diego, Imperial Valley, and San Leandro that you can view here. Together, we are building a brighter future for individuals, families, and communities.


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