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San Diego Resident Services Coordinators Brings Spring to Residents

Thanks to our local partners and hard-working San Diego Resident Services Coordinators, our San Diego residents are still able to receive food and other supplies during the stay-at-home order. Last month, six San Diego PSCDC properties had food distributions with a special surprise. With the stay-at-home order encouraging everyone to stay indoors and our senior residents unable to go outside an enjoy the spring weather, our Coordinators brought spring to our residents.

Hannah Hoffman, our Resident Services Coordinator at Hunter's Pointe, was able to hold a "No Touch" Farmer's Market for her residents on April 15, thanks to the generous food and springtime basket donations. About 25 households were able to collect food and receive a springtime basket filled with fun toys and goodies for kids while observing social distancing during the distribution. To provide a weekly supply and meal delivery to a few residents who were unable to leave their apartment due to COVID-19, Hannah partnered up with another community-oriented non-profit, Jewish Family Services.

On April 17th, 42 residents at Fairbanks Ridge were able to restock on fresh fruits, veggies, meals, bread, and other commodities like toilet paper and paper towels. Along with the food supplies, residents were also given spring-themed eggs that were filled with decor and goodies for families to celebrate the spring season.

Mariposa's Resident Services Coordinator, Eileen Tafaghodi, has been staying in contact with her households and guiding residents to the resources they need. On April 21, Mariposa's Farmer's Market supplied residents with fruits, vegetables, and bread donated by North County Food Bank along with some chocolates that were included with the springtime baskets.

Fatema Neromand, the Resident Services Coordinator of Rancho Del Norte, in collaboration with FFCC and Jewish Family Services, is helping residents with their rent by paying a portion of it. Fatema has also been checking in with residents and assisting them with filling unemployment papers, bills, and translations over FaceTime. During the food distribution on April 14, 24 residents received bread, meals, diapers, and baskets.

At Silver Sage, residents received the contact information of their Resident Services Coordinator, Charlene Amador, in case they needed to request resources and get information about upcoming food distributions like the one that occurred on April 17. With donations from Jewish Family Services and Luna Grill, 44 Silver Sage residents received meals and springtime baskets to enjoy with their families.

Windwood held their food distribution on April 24 with Jesse Daner, Windwood's Resident Coordinator, hosting it. PSCDC Coordinators distributed FFCC donations of restaurant meals from Islands and Luna Grill amongst 41 households and surprised their

residents with the baskets of springtime decorations, chocolates, and candy.

Due to social distancing, some of our residents are unable to go out and enjoy spring, so our San Diego Resident Services Coordinators are bringing the joy of spring to our residents and remind them that they are not alone. By taking the time to make calls and staying in contact with residents and providing resources and services to our residents, our San Diego PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators are continuing to empower our residents.

PSCDC would like to extend a big thank you to Rena and World Market in Rancho Bernardo for the decorations and baskets. PSCDC also extends their appreciation to FFCC and local restaurants for their constant help and contributions to our food distributions. PSCDC and our residents are deeply appreciative of your work within our communities. Thank you also to our incredible San Diego Coordinators, and all our Coordinators across California, for continuing their exceptional work and dedication to our residents.

If you are looking for some resources regarding COVID-19, including assistance with food, finances, childcare, utilities, and much more, click here.

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